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The Story of Gao Zhisheng

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Mr. Gao’s Current Situation


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Mr. Gao’s Current Situation  


On Aug. 7th, 2014, the human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng was released from Shaya Prison in northwestern China. He had spent the past five years, although his sentence was for three years, in solitary confinement, underfed and with no access to sunlight. Mr. Gao’s relatives in China reports that he is suffering from serious physical and psychological issues, and is being denied access to critical medical care. Police keeps monitoring and harassing him on a daily basis. According to Geng He, Mr. Gao’s wife, he is willing to come to US to reunite with his family.

Media reports regarding his current situation:  (Chinese)  (Chinese)



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   Support Gao’s Family



Mr. Gao Zhisheng is still under house arrest in his in-law’s home in Xinjiang Province, monitored by the police everyday. His wife and children live in US currently. They talk to Mr. Gao by phone and encourage him. You can let Mr. Gao know your support too! You can also encourage others to do the same nice thing as you have done:

1. You can sign a petition to ask Chinese government to allow Mr. Gao to come to US to reunite with his family and get medical treatment.

2. You can write a letter, or send a greeting card, or a small gift that show your care and love, to his wife Geng He. She can share these with Mr. Gao during their daily phone conversation. Nothing is more precious than the expression of your kind heart! The mailing address is: Geng He, P.O. Box 2697, Santa Clara, CA 95055

3. You can also leave a comment, or take a picture of your letter, card or gift, and post them on By doing this, you can encourage others to take action too.

4. You can support Mr. Gao’s family financially by sending gift cards or checks directly to Geng He’s mailing address, or using the following button to donate to the fund that is dedicated to help the family:






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